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Class 6

Class 6


Welcome to Class 6

Mrs Lilley is the Class Teacher (Monday - Thursday) and Ms Shiplee and Mrs Hill are our Learning Support Assistants. They also cover the class together on a Friday with Mr Caldicott. 
We are very much looking forward to sharing your child's learning journey as they enter Year 6. We are encouraging them to enjoy 'life in all its fullness' as well as become role models for the whole of the school.
If you have any questions or concerns, as the year goes on, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Autumn Term

For the first few weeks, we will focus on place value exploring numbers to 10,000,000 including rounding and negative numbers. We will then move on to calculating using all four operations: addition, subtraction division and multiplication. We will be using these skills to problem solve and reason. 

This term, we will be using a range of texts as inspiration for our writing – starting with the picture book ‘The Arrival’. We will also be working hard to consolidate and expand our knowledge of grammar and punctuation as well improving our spelling pattern recognition and accuracy.

Right Write - We will be having a 'Right Write' once a week. This session gives the children an opportunity to write independently and hone their creative writing skills. Their writing will encompass a range of genres and be inspired by an image or short video clip. This will be sent home for you to discuss and will also be available as an assignment via TEAMs. Encouraging them to talk about the image and gather any vocabulary which might link to it will assist them with ideas when they commence writing.


We will be learning about how living things, including animals, are classified into broad groups according to their common observable characteristics and based upon their similarities and differences.

Useful Websites:

  • – the more often they play the more impact it has.
  • The BBC website also has lots of exciting games to enhance the children's learning.
  • The  white rose maths website has parent workbooks

It is vitally important that children read regularly at home. It not only improves their reading accuracy, but also enhances their comprehension of texts, creative writing skills, imagination and vocabulary. We would ask that children read at least five times per week and that this is recorded in their reading diary. 
Please make sure that you regularly check the Class TEAMs page too as assignments and ‘Right Write’ homework will appear on here for the children to complete.


Important information:

Now your child is in Class 6, they are able to walk home by themselves if we have written permission from a parent.

- If your child is going home with someone other than a parent then please ensure you have written a note or spoken to someone in the office. Due to safeguarding we must have permission before allowing your child to go home with someone else.

Swimming: We are still waiting to hear when swimming can resume. We will keep you informed as we know further details.


Encourage your child to:


  • read a range of texts and genres regularly. For example: a chosen reading book, classic fiction, poetry, non-fiction or news reports/magazine articles,
  • explore units of measure - e.g ml, l g, kg, cm, m, km in real life contexts, 
  • practise all times tables up to 12,
  • tell the time including timetables, digital and analogue.

Foundation subjects:

Art:  This term children will learn and develop their skills in: design, drawing, craft, painting and art appreciation; creating zentangle patterns and subsequent prints, painting in the style of impressionist painters and exploring the piece ‘Nighthawks’ by Edward Hopper

D and T: We will be designing and making a usable playground which includes a variety of structures.

Computing: Intro to Python - Using the programming language Python, which is used in business and industry, children create designs, Islamic art and Mondrian-inspired art. They learn how to create loops and nested loops to make their code more efficient, while becoming more familiar with this text-based programming language.

RE: We will be exploring whether 'Creation and Science are conflicting or complementary'.

PE: This will be on Thursday afternoon this term with Mrs. Matli. We will be working on improving our football and hockey attack and defence skills. Children will need to come to school in their PE kit and as we will be using the playground please ensure children have trainers with them each week and a tracksuit if it is cold. If possible, earrings should not be worn for PE. If this is not possible, please send micro-pore tape in with your child so that the earrings can be taped to avoid injuries.

History: The Ancient Egyptians: Exploring the world of Ancient Egypt by looking at how the attitudes and beliefs impacted their way of life. They will learn about tombs, pyramids, mummies and the rituals of everyday life.

MFL: We will be practising our French skills by looking at football profiles. The children will be looking at: language learning strategies, inference and their pronunciation when using new vocabulary in French.

Music:  We will be learning to play the tin whistle with our specialist music teacher.

PSHE: We will explore ...'Being in My World' and 'Celebrating Differences'


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