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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6

Class 6 is taught by Mrs. Matli and we will be supported by Ms. Martin.


We are all looking forward to teaching you in your final year at St. James. There are many exciting things to look forward to this year and we can't wait to share these with you.

Spring Term 2023

As Mathematicians we will be learning to –
We will focus on the 4 operations – addition (whole numbers, decimals, fractions), subtraction (whole numbers, decimals, fractions), multiplication (short, long, decimals, fractions), division (short, long, fractions). We will develop our speed in solving arithmetic calculations including the use of known facts e.g. 3 x 4 = 12 therefore 30 x 4 = 120 or 30 x 40 = 1200 etc.

There will also be a focus on learning our Times Tables. We will practice daily and the expectation is that children practice at home regularly to ensure they know all tables up to 12x12

As writers we will be learning to –

This half term we will be taking part in a campaign for ‘Head Teacher for the Day’. We will write our own manifesto, formal letters, speeches and campaign documents all leading towards a whole school election to vote for a Year 6 pupil to be Head Teacher for the day.
There will be a focus on Year 6 punctuation, grammar and spelling to improve and edit our work.

As readers we will be learning to –

Pig Heart Boy – Malorie Blackman

We will study the story of a thirteen year old boy who is need of a heart transplant. As time is running out, he agrees to take part in a pioneering transplant procedure, using a pig’s heart instead of a human one. We will also study additional texts including: a poem, persuasive letter, advert, report.

As scientists we will be learning about -

Animals, including humans – circulatory system
In this unit, we will look at the structure of blood and why it is important. We will look at how nutrients are transported through our body and the role of the circulatory system. We will explore the structure of the heart and have a chance to dissect a heart within our science lessons.

As theologians we will be learning about –

Why do Hindus try to be good?

We will identify and explain Hindu beliefs e.g. dharma, karma, samsara, moksha and start to make connection between these beliefs and how Hindus live their lives. We will reflect on what impact belief in karma and dharma might have on individuals and the world.. 

As designers we will be learning to-

Creating Ferris wheels using a range of mechanisms 

We will be looking at a range of pulley systems and how they can help lift different weights easily. We will then use the systems to create a Ferris wheel using cog mechanisms. 

As artists we will be learning to –

Printing and Textiles

We will be looking at one point perspective as a technique artists use to create the illusion of depth to a painting or drawing. We will turn our drawings into print tiles to create patterns. We will then look as batik as a method of making marks on cloth using hot wax.

As geographers we will be learning about –

Earthquakes, mountains and volcanoes
We will be exploring the structure of the earth and how the structure of the crust causes mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes. We will look at the movement of tectonic plates and how different movements cause different physical features e.g. Rift valleys, volcanic mountain ranges etc.

As historians we will be learning to - 

The Windrush Generation

We will be looking at the role immigration has played in shaping our history. We will look in detail at the Windrush generation and the reasons behind immigration and how it shaped the UK.

As musicians we will be learning to- 

Play the Clarinet

We are lucky enough to be continuing with the Wider Opportunities Music Lessons this year. We will be continuing to learn to play the Clarinet and we look forward to performing to you later on in the year. We will also be listening to a range of music and developing our ability to appreciate music. We will learn new songs and practice a greater range of vocal control.

As athletes we will be learning to –

Netball and Gymnastics

We will be completing PE sessions every Tuesday afternoon. In netball, we will look at the skills needed to play a successful game of netball – to defend and attack successfully. In gymnastics, we will explore putting balances and travel into carefully planned routines.

As linguists we will be learning to-

Our weekend

We will be learning to identify different things we do at the weekend and how to say what we enjoy and don't enjoy doing.

Important information:

Walking Home

Now your child is in Class 6, they are able to walk home by themselves if we have written permission from a parent.

If your child is going home with someone other than a parent then please ensure you have written a note or spoken to someone in the office. Due to safeguarding we must have permission before allowing your child to go home with someone else.


Children in Year 6 receive weekly homework. Work is given out on a Wednesday and needs to be returned the following Monday. All children are expected to complete the homework set.

Mobile Phones

If your child is walking home and you would like them to have a phone to contact you this is possible. Children must hand in their phones in the morning and can collect them at the end of the day. No mobile phones are allowed in bags during the day.

Reading Diaries 

These will be checked weekly, on a Wednesday, and the expectation is that children will read at least 5 times a week. Please check your child's reading diary and sign off when they've read.


We will still be posting things on TEAMS and it is important that your child accesses TEAMS regularly. We will post announcements, notices and important information for children to access.

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