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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6

Class 6 is taught by Mrs. Shaw 

We will be supported in the classroom by Mrs Williams, Mrs. Jones Clark (Mon-Wed), and Miss. Mabey (Thurs-Fri)

We are looking forward to the exciting things your final term at St James brings including the residential, the leavers disco, water fights and our play. It is going to be a great term!

Summer Term 2024

As Mathematicians we will be learning to –

We will be revising fractions, decimals and percentages. We will look at how to calculate with them and also to solve problems with them.
We will also be recapping ratio and working hard on our arithmetic skills.

Please spend time on your times tables and doodle maths.

There will also be a focus on learning our Times Tables. We will practice daily and the expectation is that children practice at home regularly to ensure they know all tables up to 12x12

As writers we will be learning to –

We will be writing a range of narratives to demonstrate a range of punctuation, figurative language to describe and dialogued to move the story on. We will use a range of film clips, pictures and picture books to develop our writing. We will also look at non-fiction writing to demonstrate passive voice and a range of tenses.

As readers we will be learning to –

Dare to be you.

We will be reading a book celebrating the journey of growing up and learning to be happy with who you are.

As scientists we will be learning about -

Evolution and inheritance.

In this unit, we will look at biological changes over time including DNA and inheritance. We will also explore different theories of evolution from Darwin and Wallace -including survival of the fittest.

As theologians we will be learning about –

Why do Hindus try to be good?

We will identify and explain Hindu beliefs e.g. dharma, karma, samsara, moksha and start to make connection between these beliefs and how Hindus live their lives. We will reflect on what impact belief in karma and dharma might have on individuals and the world.. 

As designers we will be learning to-

In this unit of Design and Technology, we will be looking at foods that are readily available in a processed form and how we can make them from scratch ourselves. We will create a tomato pasta sauce, a noodle soup and a nutritious and aesthetically pleasing salad

As artists we will be learning to –

Creat 3D art.

Using different Media we will see how we can create 3D art creating a balance between visual and tactile elements. This will also cross over into our computing module of 3D creations.

As geographers we will be learning about –

Settlements, land use and economic activity.

We will be exploring this area of human geography looking at settlement patterns. We will find out what a settlement is and how it is connected to the movement of humans and economic factors

As historians we will be learning to - 

English Monarchs.

In History, we will be looking at the English monarchs and the impact they had on our country. We will start with William the conqueror and then move through time until we reach Queen Victoria.

As musicians we will be learning to- 

Play the Keyboard

We are lucky enough to have a new set of keyboards in school this  year. We will be working hard to learn to play the keyboard. We will also be listening to a range of music and developing our ability to appreciate music. We will learn new songs and practice a greater range of vocal control.

As athletes we will be learning  –

Basketball, Rounders and Athletics.

We will be continuing with sessions with Mike Shaw focusing on basketball and rounders skills. We will also be doing some athletics and preparing for their final Sports Day at St James.

As linguists we will be learning to-

emotions and numbers beyond 100

In French this half term, we will be learning to read and translate numbers beyond 100 and how to describe our friends and family.

Important information:

Walking Home

Now your child is in Class 6, they are able to walk home by themselves if we have written permission from a parent.

If your child is going home with someone other than a parent then please ensure you have written a note or spoken to someone in the office. Due to safeguarding we must have permission before allowing your child to go home with someone else.


Children in Year 6 receive weekly homework. Work is given out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Wednesday. All children are expected to complete the homework set.

Mobile Phones

If your child is walking home and you would like them to have a phone to contact you this is possible. Children must hand in their phones in the morning and can collect them at the end of the day. No mobile phones are allowed in bags during the day.

Reading Diaries 

These will be checked weekly, on a Thursday, and the expectation is that children will read at least 5 times a week. Please check your child's reading diary and sign off when they've read.


We will still be posting things on TEAMS and it is important that your child accesses TEAMS regularly. We will post announcements, notices and important information for children to access.

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