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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Class 4 is taught by Ms Coleman on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and Mrs Digby on Thursday.  Our TAs are Mrs Spink, Mrs JT and Mrs Upton

We look forward to instilling a love of learning in your children so that that they can be the best they can be.


As writers we will be learning to - 

We will be looking at stories from other cultures, persuasive writing and explanatory texts.  We will also be focusing on adding descriptive language to our writing including fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and using speech to develop characters.

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As Mathematicians we will be learning to –

Find different ways to measure length, mass and capacity and learn how we can present and interpret information using bar graphs and time graphs.  We will also continue to develop our understanding of fractions and decimals and use written methods to calculate problems.

Children are also encouraged to use Times Table Rock Stars regularly to improve their knowledge of times tables.


In Computing, we will learn about software and how we can develop our own.  We will analyse existing games and identify what makes them effective.  We will create a working prototype of our own game and develop the functionality and explore the interface, evaluating how we could improve our game.


 As linguists we will learn about the calendar.   We will learn how to read, write and say each day of the week and the months of the year.  We will also learn how to ask and answer questions about the calendar and   develop our knowledge of numbers to 20.


As theologians we will be exploring what it means to be a Hindu in Britain today.

We will learn how Hindus show their faith and how they worship together.  We will also learn about the duties that Hindus must carry out in their life journey, understand how Hindus achieve Moksha and think about how Hindus might feel in Britain today.

As scientists we will be learning about Animals including Humans

We will learn about the different types of teeth that humans have and how they help with digestion.  We will then move onto thinking about the different parts of the digestive system and how each part works.  We will also look at food chains, constructing our own and finding the links between teeth, digestion and food chains.


As musicians we will be introduced to texture in music.

We will listen to harmonies and sin a harmony in two parts.  We will also work together to invent our own lyrics, sing rounds and canons and evaluate our performances.  We will be able to describe some of the stylistic features of folk music and apply singing techniques to extend our vocal range.

As historians, we will be learning about – Vikings

We will learn what life was like for Vikings and when they attacked Britain.  We will explore where they invaded and settled and find out why they were so feared and successful.  We will learn about their struggle for power and discuss why the Normans and Vikings both thought they had a right to rule England. 

As geographers we will be learning about – The Water Cycle and Map Skills

We will identify each part of the water cycle and find out how it works and what can affect it.


We will also start to develop our understanding of map skills, looking at different regions around the world and locating them on the globe.  .  

As athletes we will be  –

Using dance to create freeze frames that tell a story, use transitions to move from position to position and sequence dance movements cooperatively in a group that flows and uses space effectively.  We will also develop our gymnastic skills, creating sequences using a range of movements.

Our PE sessions are on FRIDAY mornings.   The children should come to school in their PE Kits including white trainers as some of our PE will take place outside.  They will also need a navy tracksuit for when the weather turns colder (no hoodies please).


As artists we will be focussing on Printing and textiles.  We will look at the traditional designs of Kente cloth and create a range of texture surfaces to combine colour, texture and pattern.


As designers, we will learn how to sew a button onto fabric.  We will also identify different functions of fastenings and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.


In PSHE, as good citizens we will be learning about – Dreams and Goals

We will talk about some of our hopes and dreams and think about how we might feel if they don’t come true.  We will develop strategies to help us cope when things do go as we planned and learn that being positive can help us feel better about something disappointing.

At Home:

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TEAMS - Please make sure that you regularly check the Class TEAMs page. 


As readers we will be continuing to read fluently with expression and intonation. We will be reading a range of genre including poetry, information texts, narrative extracts, newspaper reports and diary entries.

Reading is such an important part of a child's learning and can help them in all areas of curriculum.  Confident readers become confident writers!

 Children are expected to read at home at least five times a week.  

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Times Table Rock Stars  children that use this regularly at home make real improvements with their recall of multiplication and division facts. Please allow your child to access the website or app regularly at home as it has a noticeable impact for those using it regularly. Children are encouraged to go on TTRS at least three times a week. 

We also recommend going on .

This site will allow pupils to become more familiar with the assessment format they will be required to complete later on in the year. Click on the Multiplication Tables Check tab for this. They will have 6 seconds to complete each of 25 questions. 

There are also lots of times tables games to go on here too. 


 Home Time If your child is going home with someone other than yourself, please let us know.  This can be done by telling the teacher directly the day before,  phone or via email to . If this is not done, we may not be able to let them go home with someone different without inconveniencing you. 

Dressing for the weather - Please make sure that your child comes to school with a coat every day or sun hat/ sun cream as appropriate.

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