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British Values

British Values


British Values Statement

At St James we promote ‘British Values’ throughout all aspects of our curriculum and practices: through the development of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and by valuing each child and their contribution to our school community; through recognising its importance to each child’s development and wellbeing.

‘British values’ are identified as:


Our children have a ‘voice’ and are consulted on school issues whenever possible. We have a School Council that is democratically elected by peers and staff collectively. They meet half-termly with senior leaders to discuss concerns raised by their peers. We also run a Headteacher for the Day election. Year 6 pupils campaign to become the school's 'Headteacher for the Day'. Year 4 organise a vote in which the whole school take part, including the school staff.  

Rule of Law

Children are fully involved in establishing appropriate school rules and practices. They discuss and agree these each year and understand the need for them to be in place and kept. They sign an agreement whereby they are formally agreeing to work within these at all times.

A system of rewards and sanctions is established based on these rules to which the children all adhere

Individual Liberty

The school vision is one that truly reflects the basic needs and liberties of all of God’s children. All children have the right to feel safe and secure at St James and everyone contributes to that. Independence is strongly encouraged as necessary for each child’s development.

Children have a range of responsibilities and are strongly encouraged to be independently responsible for this undertaking. Children are encourage to look at the liberties of others and are supported in their fund-raising ideas, eg. to support Comic Relief, links with children’s charities in other countries as well as locally.

Mutual Respect

St James aims to be a fully inclusive school community at all times. The size of our school ensures that all children have many opportunities to get to know one another but there are additional ways in which this is managed: ‘House’ assemblies are held each half-term to encourage friendships across the age groups;  Year 6 pupils 'buddy' with our youngest children in Year R which ensures a warm welcome on arrival.

Our pupils take part in a range of inter-school activities and events within the county. These include Moving Targets (dance) Sing-up and many sporting and multi-skill events, most of which are competitive. All experiences develop a strong sense of ‘team spirit’ and ‘fair play’.

Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

Our children and families come from a diverse range of cultural, social and religious backgrounds which we thoroughly embrace. Opportunities are taken to work together and learn from one another by sharing knowledge and experiences. The teaching of Religious Education and collective worship provide a range of opportunities to extend knowledge and develop understanding and empathy. Children are encouraged to show their appreciation for all faiths and festivals through study within the curriculum as well as through music and art forms.

Our children have wide experiences of British and other cultures through our curriculum.

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