St James C of E Primary School

St James C of E Primary School


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Class R

Summer Term

Reception Class

Our theme this term will be 'All Things Great and Small' and 'Over and under the sea.'


This Term we will be learning through a range of different topics related to children’s interests. Our topic for the first half term will be ‘All Things Great and Small’. 

Underpinning all our learning are our Christian Values. Our Values this term are love and forgiveness .

We Love PE!
We Love PE!

Within this Reception year, learning will take place through seven different areas. These are; Communication and Language, Expressive Arts and Design, Physical Development, Understanding the World, Mathematics, Personal Social and Emotional Development and Literacy.






Children will be working on; counting reliably with numbers from one to 20, placing them in order and saying which number is one more or one less than a given number. Using quantities and objects, adding and subtracting two single-digit numbers and counting on or back to find the answer. We will be solving

Problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.



Please remember to check on tapestry to see what we have been learning about. You are able to add your own photos and comments about achievements out of school – these are fantastic for us to see.  


We will be focusing on the many stories such as ‘Superworm’ and ‘Smiley Shark’ as well as various non-fiction books and video clips.

We will be developing our Literacy skills with lists, writing letters, instructions, descriptions and story writing. We will continue with daily phonics lessons. Children will now move onto reading simple sentences and understanding them. Please read with your child at home as much as possible. Children will continue to get ‘Keywords’ to practise at home.





Children will have access to the outdoor area throughout the whole day despite the weather. Unfortunately, we are unable to apply sun cream in school. If it is likely to be a sunny day, please apply sun cream before coming to school. Your child can bring it in their bag and apply it themselves if necessary. We will always be there to support your child to apply it.

Understanding the World

We will explore growing in relation to plants and animals. We will be learning about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, materials and living things.

We will be discussing the features of our own immediate environment and how environments might vary from one another. We will be making observations of animals and plants and learning to explain why some things occur, and talk about changes.

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