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 St James' Catchment Map 2016

Criteria for being offered a place at St James School

 All classes at St James’ CE Primary School have a limit of 30 places.  In Reception, Year 1 and 2 this is the limit set by government.  In all other classes this is the limit set by governors.

The statements set out below are ranked in the order by which admissions applications are considered. 

1.Looked after children at the request of the Herefordshire Council

2. Children whose Statement of Special Education Needs names St James CE Primary School.

3.All children living within the catchment area of the school.

4.Children from outside the catchment area who have siblings already attending the school.

5. *Two places will be reserved for children whose parents wish them to attend the school through a ‘church’ place. Such applications must be evidenced by a statement from the local clergy.

6.Exceptional medical or social need. Such applications must be evidenced by a statement from the appropriate agency.

7.Any other applications received from parents who live outside the catchment area. Distance will be considered with those nearest coming highest on the list.

 *If in offering places the number of children in categories 1-4 totals less than 28, the next two places offered will be for church place applications, should there be any; If however the number in categories 1-4 totals 28 or more, then places 29 & 30 will be offered to up to two church place applications, should there be any; and that any further applications from categories 1-4 and 6-7 will be ranked after such church applications.

These arrangements are reviewed annually with the Governing Body.