St James C of E Primary School

St James C of E Primary School


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Curriculum Intent


Our Curriculum aims and design have been developed in line with the needs of St James CE Primary School community, promoting the Christian Values we hold dear. Our curriculum is ambitious and well-planned to ensure all pupils gain ample knowledge and skills to succeed in their next stage of education and life after primary school.

The aims are also based heavily on our school vision that children should experience ‘Life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10). All stakeholders were involved in creating the vision and aims, including: pupils, parents, PTFA, and staff members at all levels.

SMSC is embedded throughout our curriculum design. The aspect of Spirituality is a particular focus for us and is one of the curriculum drivers. Curriculum drivers are cited on planning and embedded throughout each theme.

The St James Curriculum was chosen and adapted to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to meet Key Stage requirements and allow for smooth transition to the next phase of education.

We re-designed our curriculum to enable children to experience a more enquiry-based approach. This allows children to develop key skills and seek vital knowledge through exploring big questions and concepts.


  1. Within our curriculum, we aim to inspire all pupils through engaging learning experiences
  2. We aim to nurture passionate, healthy and successful learners by providing a broad, balanced and enquiry-based curriculum
  3. Instil children with the values, knowledge and skills to enable them to achieve beyond expectations and experience success
  4. Provide a progressive curriculum where skills and knowledge are developed through quality ongoing assessment

The curriculum is based around Chris Quigley’s Essentials Curriculum.


Non – negotiables of curriculum themes:


  1. Planning and lesson delivery will always link to the curriculum drivers;
  2. Strong links will be made between subjects;
  3. All units will start with an engaging hook, to motivate and excite pupils;
  4. All themes will contain cross curricular maths and English, giving children time to embed and practise skills across the curriculum;
  5. All units will involve a trip to ensure children are getting real-life experiences; and
  6. All units will finish with a piece of work, where children are able to show the skills and knowledge gained across units.


Each year we think carefully about our pupils and curriculum. We choose four curriculum drivers. These are embedded throughout our curriculum and help to ensure we meet each pupil’s individual needs. The curriculum drivers for 2019 – 2020 are: community, spirituality, diversity and enterprise.

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