St James C of E Primary School

St James C of E Primary School


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Vicarage Road, Hereford, Herefordshire HR1 2QN

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At St James, Geography is an essential part of the curriculum, it provides a means of exploring, appreciating and understanding the world in which we live and how it has evolved. We achieve this through a range of fieldwork, both locally and further afield and offer a broad range of means for children to communicate their geographical knowledge, skills and understanding. The school uses the Chris Quigley milestones to assess children's understanding to ensure that they get a rich, broad, balanced and deep curriculum enabling them to gain an appreciation of life in all its fullness.

St. James' C of E Primary School is developing a skills based curriculum taking support from Chris Quigley ‘Essentials’ and The  National Curriculum.

Classes follow a ‘Creative Hook’ to start the learning of a theme and plan for progression taking into account children’s individual learning styles. This approach enables children to take responsibility for their own learning by suggesting the path we take when planning our topic based curriculum.

Underpinning all teaching and learning in Geography is capturing the children’s imagination and curiosity to learn. The start of each theme begins with a hook starter to engage the children and give them a purpose for learning and an enthusiasm to find out more.  Visits, links and comparisons with other schools around the world, and theme days are built into each unit and planned for at the start of each theme.  The skills are revisited and embedded over time to enable the children to gain a deeper understanding, to then apply these skills throughout the curriculum. Each theme ends with a showcase, to parents and pupils, of the children's work allowing them to demonstrate the skills learnt throughout the topic.

We inspire and capture the imagination of the children through the progressive skills which are taught through Chris Quigley’s milestones, following the ‘Creative Themes for Learning’.

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