‘Life in all its fullness’ (John 10:10)


In order for pupils to experience ‘Life in all its fullness’ we will:

Celebrate aspirational and enquiring minds, nurture high expectations, creativity, tolerance and respect for others in order that our children will have strong morals and spiritual values to become successful members of society.




Our pupils will:

Have high aspirations

Aim high when setting personal goals and targets and flourish towards achieving those goals. They will build their resilience enabling them to overcome any challenge or barrier.

Have high expectations in every way

All staff will have the highest expectations of all pupils. Through a challenging curriculum and holistic education pupils will have the highest expectations of all they do in and out of school.

Ask the big questions

Our pupils will be confident and self-assured. Through their confidence their inquisitive minds will be devolved and grow to ensure they ask questions and seek answers to quench their thirst for knowledge.

Show tolerance and respect for all

Our pupils will respect and be tolerant to others by knowing themselves. Through SMSC and mental health education they will become more emotionally intelligent, aware of their own thoughts and feelings and therefore aware of others around them.

Be successful

Our pupils will become successful members of society and the diverse community in which we live. They will embrace their part in the local community and strive to help and better those around them.

Have strong morals and spiritual values in all they do

Through Jesus’ example and that of those around them, our pupils will live the Christian values they hold dear, using them to overcome the hardships of everyday life and allowing them to flourish into empathetic and compassionate young adults.